Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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Thanks to NBLC streaming broadcasting (next article) I have seen many games in NBLC league and my impression is that attendance at NBL courts is less than expected. I had curiosity to take notes of attending home games of press accounts of the leading newspapers of Canadian franchises to corroborate this impression with published data. 

I could not get both attendance data as KEBS as Power, but my impression (for streaming, I insist) is arena stands are pretty empty. General Motors Centre (Oshawa, Ontario) has a capacity of 5500 seats and opening home day, Power had the most attendance with a crowd of 1126 fans (published). Unfortunately, remaining home games of Power attendance was around 500 people, although no data published in press. PEPS de l'Universite Laval has a capacity of approximately 1500 people, and KEBS are attracting a crowd of around 500 fans, although I have not published data. However, it is less apparent because it is a smaller court. For me it is concerned about the low attendance of Power, especially the Power offers an attractive game and a basketball alternative entertainment.

In the case of Mill Rats and Miracles, only 2 and 1 have played home games respectively. Harbour Station (Mill Rats) has an average attendance of around 2000 people very close to attendance of last season. For Miracle (Moncton Coliseum), in his first (and only game so far) last home game Sunday November 20, presented a multitude of 1800 fans. I think 1800 people are quite after the Miracle 0-5 record (0-6, lost again). I fear that attendance will lower, unless things change.


Finally, NBLC franchise that I have more data are Rainmen, Lightning and Storm (Attachment data table and graphs). The tendency of the John Labatt Center (Lightning) goes to an attendance of 2000 people, which I think is low for the best team in NBLC. The assistance of the Halifax Metro Centre is far from the 3500 average people who spoke last season. I do not know if data for other years were inflated, but home games streaming images show a presence of spectators below that of last season in my opinion. As for the Credit Union Place, I find acceptable attendance of 2000 spectators on average, but I think that below the expectations they had in Summerside.

However, I think it would need to NBLC official site publish attendance data. I worry that attendance at NBLC Arenas are still lower than expected as shown by first data. I worry about viability of the franchise, especially ahead of next season.



  1. For the Kebs, the first three games was about 800 persons (i've read in newspaper it was the average for the first three games). But for the last two, the attendance was way better (game sunday in afternoon seems real popular in qc). The crowd was 1 500 and 1 300 respectively.

  2. I think the longer season may be an adjustment in the existing cities. Not sure what the problem is elsewhere, other than maybe the late startup.

  3. I believe the Kebs are drawing better than they ever have in the past. Oshawa is a major disappointment, but then again it's year 1, so hopefully as the league gets a little older and more common-place, attendance will rise.
    Oshawa --> Kingston - Hamilton - Ottawa- Fredricton?

    As aways, good job Frank, I always like reading your blog!

  4. saw this coming... too bad.

  5. Frank, are you still following games? Just got back from the Rainmen semi-final deciding game with the Kebs. Kebs won last night, but the R-Men took the deciding game tonight (whoo-hooo, go Hfx!). It's underappreciated b-ball. Just like last nights game, it was a hard-fought battle, with plenty of lead changes, many hard fouls and several near fights! Fans were definitely into it!

  6. According to the chronicles, say there was a crowd of 2842 fans. In my opinion, the Halifax Metro Centre should exceed 3000 people in playoff games. But the influx has increased to the courts of the NBL. Thanks.